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Let’s Get Healthy in Thailand: A Collaboration to Support a Healthy Workforce in SE Asia

Wednesday May 10, 12pm tp 1pm at the OHSU Vollum Institute room M1441

Oregon Health & Science University recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bangkok Dusit Hospital System and Siriraj Medical School (a component of Mahidol University) to establish a partnership that explores the development of a collaborative campus in Bangkok, Thailand. This partnership links OHSU with one of the largest private hospital system in Southeast Asia — encompassing over 40 hospitals throughout Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, and a premier medical school in the region. A central feature of Thai medical care is an annual exam for every working citizen of their country, with the extent of provided services determined by employer contracts. The Bangkok Hospital System is a key provider of these services. While each citizen currently receives an annual exam, the feedback that citizens receive can vary greatly by hospital and lag time, as does the summary feedback that employers receive about the health of their employees. As part of initial collaborative efforts with OHSU, the Bangkok Dusit Hospital System has selected to work with Let’s Get Healthy! to provide an enhanced wellness package to employees and employers, which will integrate the hospital system’s electronic health records with Let’s Get Healthy! assessments to provide a comprehensive wellness snapshot of the individual.

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Wednesday May 10, 12pm – 1pm at the OHSU Vollum Institute room M1441



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