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How to submit course grades in OHSU Faculty Self Service.
This link provides instructions, resource documents, and a power point presentation.

Which university deadlines should students follow?
OHSU and PSU calendars vary slightly. Students (and faculty) should follow the PSU academic calendar for courses taught at PSU (HSMP & PHE), and the OHSU academic calendar for courses taught at OHSU (BSTA, CPH, ESHH & PHPM). Additionally, the SPH Academic Calendar contains relevant dates and deadline-specific items.

Where do I include my advising notes for my advisees?
All advising notes should be included in the Degree Audit > Plan tab > Notes section so that the student can easily reference back your advice and guidance.

How can students tell which university offers a particular course?
All courses can be identified by the course prefix: BSTA, CPH, ESHH & PHPM for courses taught at OHSU, and HSMP & PHE for courses taught at PSU.  (Note: CPH courses are taught online and may require special registration. Students should consult the AY 2016-17 Student Handbook, Section IV: Online/OnCampus Registration Policy for guidance.)

Core courses may have multiple sections and be identified by different prefixes. These courses include:

  • Epidemiology I (PHE 530, PHPM 512, and CPH 541)
  • Intro to Biostatistics (PHPM 524, PHE 515, and CPH 530)
  • Concepts of Environmental Health (PHE 580 and CPH 539)
  • Principles of Health Behavior (PHE 512 and CPH 537)
  • Health System Organization (HSMP 574 and CPH 540)

Where can students find out what courses are being offered each term?

Where should I send my students if they have questions about registration (including being unable to register)?
All SPH students who matriculate in Fall 2016 and beyond, will register through the OHSU Registrar. Note: the date of matriculation is the deciding factor, regardless of application or acceptance date(s).  For specific questions, students may contact Nicolle Dupont in the Registrar’s Office (503-494-7800 or regohsu@ohsu.edu) or their Program Coordinator.

Continuing SPH students who matriculated prior to fall 2016 will register as they always have, via the PSU Registrar (503-725-3220; registrar@pdx.edu) or OHSU, depending on their degree program and course home. Students may also contact their program coordinator.

A student registered for classes but cannot access their schedule, who should they call?

  • All SPH students should review their course schedule for accuracy prior to the start of classes.
  • SPH students who matriculated in Fall 2016 and beyond should contact the OHSU Registrar’s Office and/or their Program Coordinator.
  • Continuing SPH students should contact the PSU Registrar’s Office for PHE and HSMP courses, and the OHSU Registrar’s Office for BSTA, PHPM, ESHH and CPH prefix courses.

A student in one of my classes may decide to withdraw from my course, but hasn’t done so yet. What is the course withdrawal policy and timeframe?
SPH students who matriculated Fall 2016 should follow add, drop, and withdraw deadlines established by the OHSU Registrar’s Office. Ongoing SPH students (matriculation was prior to Fall 2016) should follow the deadlines and process established by the PSU Registrar’s Office for PHE and HSMP courses, and the OHSU Registrar’s Office for BSTA, PHPM, ESHH and CPH prefix courses.

All SPH students who wish to withdraw from a course during a term in-progress should contact their Program Coordinator.

As a PSU faculty member, how can I tell who is registered for my class?
When you access your course roster, you will see 2 or 3 tabs, depending on the course.

  • PHE instructors will have 2 sections – a PHE section for with continuing students, and the SOPH section for new students.
  • HSMP courses will have 3 sections; PAH (non-SPH students), SOPH (F16/new students from other SPH degree programs), and HSMP (HMP students).
    • HSMP section is most likely empty at this time. The PSU RO will add continuing students who register through Banweb to the HSMP section after the end of week 2.

How can I connect my student with the Office of Student Access for a disability accommodation?
The OHSU Office for Student Access will coordinate with the PSU Disability Resource Center to ensure student accommodations are met at each campus. The OHSU Office of Student Access can be reached at studentaccess@ohsu.edu; 503-494-0082.

Will students have access to resources at both campuses?
Yes, SPH students will have access to resources, including libraries, student health services (must choose at the time of enrollment) and recreation centers at both campuses. Access to some resources for the student and/or partner/spouse may require additional fees.

Can SPH students take other courses at both universities?
SPH students can take SPH courses at both PSU and OHSU. SPH courses include those with the BSTA, PHPM, ESHH, and CPH prefixes at OHSU, and PHE and HSMP prefixes at PSU.  Courses taught outside of the SPH may be taken for elective credit, but students must contact their faculty advisor for approval of the elective.  Many courses require permission of the instructor for students outside of the academic unit; students are responsible for seeking such approval.

One of my advisees wants to take a required course and an elective, but they’re offered at different locations and I don’t think they will have time to travel without having to leave early or arrive late.  What should I tell them?
Students who elect to take courses at both PSU and OHSU campuses within the same term should plan their transportation routes accordingly. SPH students are expected to attend each class session and to be on time. The course schedule has been carefully designed to alleviate scheduling conflicts among core courses, and among required courses within each degree program.  The SPH offers multiple sections of core courses, and some required courses – including the option to take some courses online.  You can help the student explore alternative sections offered that term, or suggest that they take one of the courses in a subsequent term.

How many credits can a student can transfer in from another institution, or take at OHSU/PSU before matriculating?

  • Transfer of credit guidelines are set by both institutions [policies here: OHSU, PSU]. Graduate degree program students may transfer in up to 1/3 of the number of credits required for their degree (including up to 12 pre-admission credits.  Students in graduate certificate programs may transfer up to 12 credits.
  • Up to 12 pre-admission credits taken in the SPH may be applied to a graduate degree. Additional details are outlined in the AY216-17 Student Handbook. 

How are students notified of weather-related, or other campus closures, including cancellation of a scheduled class?

  • Students should sign up with the OHSU and PSU campus alert systems for university-wide closures or emergencies.
  • Instructors will email the entire class (using students’ OHSU or PDX “.edu” email address) to announce any last minute scheduling changes. In addition, such announcement may be posted to course management systems: D2L for PSU courses, and Sakai for OHSU courses).

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