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Program Overview

The Ph.D. Program in Community Health is intended for students who have an interest in a rapidly developing program area and are adequately prepared to complete graduate-level coursework in theory, research methods and intervention design. The Doctoral program in Community Health is offered for advanced learning in research and instructional skills with a focus on community engagement and the social determinants of health. Our program is distinguished by its:

  • Unique focus on three areas of emphasis (social and behavioral health, aging and health, and urban health)
  • Multidisciplinary faculty
  • Extensive community partnerships for research and practice
  • Emphasis on research experience.

Degree Outline

Students take a series of core health and research methods courses as well as elective courses in one of three areas of emphasis (social and behavioral health, aging and health, or urban health).  Upon successful completion of coursework, students must pass a written and oral comprehensive exam.  Before advancing to PhD candidacy, students complete and defend a dissertation proposal.  Students then design, implement, and analyze a research project.  The final product is a written dissertation with an oral defense of the dissertation work.


PhD Office – Andrew Wyman

Program Director – Cara Eckhardt, PhD


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