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Program Overview

The PhD in Health Systems and Policy (HS&P) is intended for students who have an interest in health systems and policy. The program is distinguished by a focus on systems thinking, the dedicated and knowledgeable research faculty, and its location.  Students are introduced through coursework to the fundamentals of public health and health systems.  Portland, Oregon is well situated for those interested in pursuing studies in health systems and policy.  Oregon is a pioneering state in implementing health systems transformation, and has made a commitment to achieving the Triple Aim of improved individual experience of care, improved population health, and reduced health services costs while ensuring quality care.  HS&P core faculty are involved in state and nationally-funded research projects studying health systems transformation, offering rich opportunities for student learning, research assistant positions, and doctoral dissertation topics.

Degree Outline

The PhD is the culmination of a sequential process of coursework, comprehensive examination, and the research, writing, and defense of a doctoral dissertation. Students take a series of courses in the core areas of public health, policy, health systems, and research design and methods. At the completion of coursework, there is an oral and written comprehensive examination that challenges students to apply what they learned to their dissertation work. Before advancing to Ph.D. candidacy, students complete and defend a dissertation proposal.  Students then design, implement, and analyze a research project. The last major step is a written dissertation and an oral defense.

For additional information, visit http://www.pdx.edu/hatfieldschool/health-systems-and-policy-phd


PhD Office – Andrew Wyman; 503-725-4401; or hspphd@pdx.edu

Program Director – Sherril Gelmon, DrPH


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