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Current course catalog:

FL17 Grad Courses (8/16)
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Sept – Dec
WR18 Grad Courses
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Jan – March
SP18 Grad Courses
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April – June
’17 Grad Courses (6/15)
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’17 Undergrad Courses (5/17)
Varies: June – Sept

Archived course catalog:


Course Title Code Term(s) Offered

Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis

BSTA 521 Spring

BIOST Thesis

BSTA 503 Offered All Terms

Biostatistics Lab

BSTA 510 Offered All Terms

Categorical Data Analysis

BSTA 513 Spring

Chemical Transport Processes in Env. Health

ESHH 534 Spring

Chronic Disease Epidemiology

PHPM 576 Spring

Communicable-Chronic Diseases

PHE 363 Summer

Communication and Informatics

CPH 522/622 Winter

Community Based Participatory Research

CPH 536/636 Spring

Community Health

PHPM 507 Fall

Community Health Principles & Practices

PHE 446U Summer

Community Organizing

PHE 517 Spring

Concepts of Environmental Health

CPH 539/639 Winter

Concepts of Environmental Health

PHPM 518 Summer

Concepts of Environmental Health

PHE 580 Summer

Consumer Health Issues

PHE 355U Summer

Current Issues in Public Health

CPH 507A Summer

Current Issues in Public Health

PHPM 566 Winter

Data Management & Analysis in SAS

BSTA 515 Fall

Design and Analysis of Surveys

BSTA 516 Spring

Drug Education

PHE 326U Summer

Economics of Health Policy

HSMP 510/610 Summer

Environmental Biology

ESHH 532 Winter

Environmental Chemistry

ESHH 530 Fall

Environmental Health

PHE 443U Summer

Environmental Health in a Changing World

ESHH 519 Fall

Environmental Health Practicum

ESHH 509 Offered All Terms

Environmental Toxicology & Risk Assessment

ESHH 529 Winter

EPI Thesis

PHPM 503 Offered All Terms

EpiData Analysis & Interpretation

PHPM 536/636 Summer


PHE 450 Summer

Epidemiology I

CPH 541 Fall, Winter, Spring

Epidemiology I (MD/MPH only)

PHPM 512/612 Summer

Epidemiology II: Methods

PHPM 513/613 Winter

Epidemiology III: Causation

PHPM 514/614 Spring

Epidemiology of Aging and Chronic Disease

CPH 526/626 Winter

Epidemiology of Disease

CPH 527/627 Spring

Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Applied Biostatistics

BSTA 511 Fall

Etiology of Disease

PHPM 516 Spring

Etiology of Disease

PHE 519 Spring

Field Experience

BSTA 507 Offered All Terms

Field Experience/Practicum

PHPM 509 Offered All Terms

Field Experience/Practicum

PHE 504

Film & Health

PHE 351U-001 Summer

Financial Management of Health Services

HSMP 587

Foundations of Public Health

PHE 511 Fall


PHE 452U Summer

Global Health

PHE 444U Summer

Global Health Epidemiology

PHPM 567 Winter

Global Perspectives and Program Development

CPH 523/623 Summer

Grad Intern Integrative Sem

CPH 507C Summer

Graduate Internship in Public Health

CPH 509 A/B Offered All Terms

Health & Health Systems

PHE 350-002 Summer

Health Care Law & Regulation

HSMP 577

Health Coaching Strategies

PHE 421 Summer

Health Education Techniques & Strategies

PHE 448 Summer

Health Policy

HSMP 571

Health Systems Organization

CPH 540/640 Fall, Winter, Spring

Health Systems Organization

PHPM 519 Offered All Terms

Health Systems Organization

HSMP 574/674 Summer

HIV/AIDS Epidemiology

PHPM 556 Fall

Human Sexuality

PHE 335U Summer

Infectious Disease Epidemiology

PHPM 568 Spring

Introduction to Biostatistics

CPH 530 Fall, Winter, Spring

Introduction to Biostatistics

PHPM 524 Summer

Introduction to Health Economics

HSMP 586

Introduction to Probability

BSTA 550 Fall

Introduction to Research Design

PHPM 540 Fall

Linear Models

BSTA 512 Winter

Longitudinal Data Analysis

BSTA 519 Winter

Management Practice & Quality Improvement in Health Care & Public Health Org

CPH 528/628 Spring

Mass Communication & Health

PHE 540 Fall

Mathematical Statistics I

BSTA 551 Winter

Mathematical Statistics II

BSTA 552 Spring

Media Advocacy

PHE 541 Winter

Medicine & Public Health Seminar

PHPM 507 Spring

Men’s Health

PHE 445/545 Summer, Fall

Mentored Epidemiology Research

PHPM 650 Offered All Terms

Mentored Epidemiology Teaching

PHPM 660 Offered All Terms

Mind/Body Health: Prev

PHE 566 Summer

Occupational Health

ESHH 521 Spring

Organizational Behavior in Health Services Organizations

HSMP 541

Organizational Experience Practicum

HSMP 509 Offered All Terms

PhD Epidemiology Journal Club

PHPM 630 Fall, Winter, Spring

PhD Epidemiology Methods Seminar

PHPM 610 Spring

Principles of Health Behavior

CPH 537 Fall, Winter, Spring

Principles of Health Behavior

PHPM 517 Fall, Winter, Spring

Principles of Health Behavior

PHE 512 Fall, Winter, Spring

Professionalism, Ethics & Systems Thinking in Public Health

CPH 535/635 Spring

Program Evaluation & Management in Health Services

HSMP 588

Program Plan Evaluation

PHE 471 Summer

Program Planning

CPH 550/650 Fall

Program Planning

PHE 550 Winter


PHE 504 Offered All Terms

Public Health Program Evaluation

CPH 538/638 Spring

Qualitative Research Design

PHE 520 Fall

Quantitative Research Design

PHE 521 Winter

Reading & Research Biostat

BSTA 500 Offered All Terms

Reading and Conference

PHPM 505/605 Offered All Terms

Reading and Conference

CPH 505 Offered All Terms

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