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Photo of David Bangsberg

David Bangsberg

David Bangsberg, MD, MPH, is the Founding Dean of the joint Oregon Health & Science University – Portland State University School of Public Health. He is a native Oregonian and formerly a Professor at Harvard School of Medicine, Professor at Harvard School of Public Health, Visiting Professor at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda, and Visiting Professor at Vellore Institute of Technology in India.

Photo of Beth Bull

Beth Bull

Photo of Karen Camp

Karen Camp

Barbara Campbell MA, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Barbara Campbell is an adjunct associate professor in the School of Public Health. She specializes in addictions treatment research, focusing on interventions that increase treatment engagement and retention, and improve the fidelity of treatment delivery.

Emily Cartwright

Education, Degrees

BA, San Francisco State University, 2009

Photo of Cara Cooper

Cara Cooper

Brianna Duncan

Laura Ehrlich

Education, Degrees
M.S. Ed., Portland State University
M.L.A., University of Virginia
B.A.  Cornell University

Rachael Godlove

Rachael Godlove supports curricular and academic personnel work in the Dean’s Office. 
Education, Degrees
M.A., Georgetown University
B.S., Northern Arizona University

Ashley Groves

Photo of Josh Hodsden

Josh Hodsden

Josh Hodsden has been a student advocate in higher education for eight years, coaching both undergraduate and graduate students before and during their programs. 
Education, Degrees
B.S., Business Management, University of Phoenix, 2002
M.B.A., University of Phoenix, 2010

Photo of Richard Johnson MS, PhD

Richard Johnson MS, PhD

Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor

In September 2018, Dr. Richard Johnson became the Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Dr. Johnson is also Professor in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health (SPH) at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland Oregon.

He received his BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Washington and his MS and PhD degrees from the Oregon Graduate Institute (now part of OHSU).

Kevin McLemore

Education, Degrees
B.A., DePaul University, 2005
M.S., DePaul University, 2008
Ph.D., University of California – Davis, 2014
Cert., WSCUC Assessment Leadership Academy, 2018

Photo of Lynne Messer

Lynne Messer

Lynne Messer teaches across the educational spectrum, from undergraduate epidemiology, master’s level women’s health, masters and doctoral health and social inequalities, and doctoral research methods.

Her research explores the intersection of social-environmental justice and residential segregation in exacerbating maternal and child health disparities among vulnerable populations. Her early work focused on better characterizing the built and social environments for population-based epidemiologic disparities research.…

Photo of Holly Moraes

Holly Moraes

Education, Degrees
B.S., Political Science, Santa Clara University, 2004

Tam Nguyen

Ashley Pine

Rachel Pricer

Photo of Dawn Richardson

Dawn Richardson

Dawn Richardson is an Associate Professor in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, where she teaches Foundations of Public Health, Urban and Community Health, and Global Health. Richardson also serves as the Faculty lead for the Practice Experience.

Richardson is a social epidemiologist trained in Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR). Her research advances health equity by integrating and building on new knowledge, combining social determinants of health with the science of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD), with the aim of developing policies and programs in response.…

Beth Sorensen

Communications, Marketing & Outreach Manager

Photo of Jamie Townsend

Jamie Townsend

Education, Degrees

BS Accounting, Portland State University, 2014

Photo of Liana Winett

Liana Winett

Liana Winett is Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Community Engagement at the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, where she teaches graduate level courses in media advocacy and mass communication for public health. Dr. Winett has served on faculty and as an administrator since 2000. Prior to joining PSU, she was Research Coordinator for the Berkeley Media Studies Group.…

Photo of Andrew Wyman

Andrew Wyman

Andrew is an administrator in the School of Public Health. He is currently the program support for the undergraduate programs and 4 of the graduate programs. He is housed on the PSU campus in the Urban Center on the 4th Floor.
Education, Degrees
B.S., Health Studies, Portland State University

Photo of Belinda Zeidler

Belinda Zeidler

Belinda Zeidler has been a faculty member at PSU for over 30 years. As associate dean of undergraduate programs at the School of Public Health, she is the undergraduate curriculum chair and is responsible for overseeing the curricular changes to courses and programs at the undergraduate level. She also works as an academic advisor and internship co-coordinator.…

Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 623C Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 494-9055
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 610R Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 725-3076
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 660A Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 494-6069
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 523T Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 725-3044
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 610P Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 725-5102
Office OHSU – SJH 2211 Phone: (503) 494-3990
Photo of Tawnya Peterson PhD
Assistant Professor, Program Director of Environmental Systems & Human Health Environmental Systems & Human Health
Office OHSU – HRC 316 Phone: (503) 346-3423
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 523M Portland OR 97201 Phone: 503-725-8217 (PSU) or 503-494-9330 (OHSU)
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 522-01 Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 494-3732
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 522-05 Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 725-5119
Photo of Elizabeth Benner MA
Academic & Career Advisor
Office PSU – URBN 450T Phone: (503) 725-2333
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Academic & Career Advisor
Office OHSU – GH 230 Phone: (503) 494-8078
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 610F Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 725-5104
Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 522-05 Portland OR 97201 Phone: (503) 725-5119
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Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 623 Portland OR 97201
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Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 623 Portland OR 97201
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Office 1805 SW 4th Ave 623M Portland OR 97201 Phone: 503-725-9620