Dean’s Scholarship Fund

Travis Henke

Travis Henke last saw his father when he was eight years old. Travis, 31 now, hasn’t heard from his father – a transgender person who...
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TheAnh Nguyen

TheAnh Nguyen was a year old, so he doesn’t remember the small fishing boat his family squeezed him and themselves onto, with six dozen other...
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Sarah Andrea

When Sarah Andrea was growing up in the small town of Coventry, Rhode Island, her family had a saying: “We don’t have a lot of...
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Birdie Wermy

The more Birdie Wermy has learned, the more she’s wanted to learn. And throughout college and graduate school, she’s had great professors who’ve inspired her...
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Adrian Perez

So much of what Adrian Perez is today — and what he wants his future to be — was born out of those two scary...
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