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Certificate in Public Health

Program Overview

Core Competencies


The Graduate Certificate in Public Health is an online program designed to better prepare public health professionals who have limited experience in public health academic specialties and provide all students with a broad introduction to public health. The program is available to applicants with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

There is an urgent and ongoing need for suitable public health preparation in the current workforce. The Graduate Certificate in Public Health provides students – including current professionals working on public health issues – with an exceptional foundation that provides core competencies in public health, enhances their marketable public health expertise and improves their professional flexibility.

An accurate and current example of the Program of Study can be viewed in the relevant Student Handbook.

Students graduating from this program will be able to:

  • Use principles of statistical inference for critical reading and interpretation of reports of statistical analysis and of public health problems;
  • Apply epidemiologic methods to identify patterns of disease and injury;
  • Analyze the environmental and occupational impacts on the health of a population;
  • Identify and analyze major issues in health services and systems associated with the delivery, quality and costs of health care;
  • Communicate theoretical principles, constructs, and models used to understand and affect the behavioral aspects of health.

Application questions – Josh Hodsden, MBA

Registration questions – Laura Ehrlich, M.Ed.

Program Director – Elizabeth Needham Waddell, PhD