Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and Portland State University (PSU) School of Public Health

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Our Committees

Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee (APCC)

Dean’s Office Liaison: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs.

APCC’s key responsibilities include:

  • Develop and maintain academic policies and procedures;
  • Maintain a repository of all SPH policies on the SPH website/intranet;
  • Coordinate approvals for all SPH policies with the OHSU and PSU Provost’s offices;
  • Review and make recommendations for course, curriculum, and program changes;
  • Develop and maintain policies regarding syllabus format;
  • Provide oversight of academic program review and assessment activities of the School;

Academic Personnel Committee

Dean’s Office Liaison: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic Affairs

The APC undertakes the following responsibilities in compliance with applicable institutional policies related to academic personnel:

  • Maintain policies, procedures, and criteria for assignment of rank, promotion, tenure, post tenure review, post continuous appointment, and annual review of all faculty
  • Serve annually on PSU and OHSU committees for selected faculty reviews (third year tenure-related review at PSU, promotion at both OHSU and PSU, PSU NTTF review, emeritus/emerita at OHSU and PSU, PSU Post-Tenure Review)
  • Review and make recommendations to the Dean for nonpaid faculty appointments
  • Recommend to the Voting Faculty the membership of all SPH standing committees based on an annual survey conducted each spring by the AD/AFA’s office, as described in VI.1.A.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Student Affairs Committee

Dean’s Office Liaison: Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Community Engagement

Primary responsibilities of the Student Affairs Committee include:

  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures to address student issues and interests, including student academic and career advising;
  • Facilitate and ensure continuity of academic and career advising to student groups and student-led activities;
  • Facilitate the appointment of student representatives to SPH standing and ad hoc committees, work groups, and task forces, through the Student Leadership Council (SLC);
  • Establish and maintain processes to celebrate, acknowledge, and honor students;
  • Develop and maintain policies consistent with both universities to enable students to communicate formal complaints and grievances;
  • In conjunction with the DEIC and the SPH AD/SJ, develop and maintain a trauma-informed “care team” to support SPH students;
  • Develop and maintain policies and practices regarding student recruitment;
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures dealing with student admissions

Professional Workforce Development Committee

Community Engagement Committee

Research Committee