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Biostatistics Lab – BSTA 510

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BSTA 510


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The course provides hands-on data analysis and/or biostatistical consulting experience to students outside classroom settings. Students will have opportunities to perform data analysis with inputs from faculty members. Students should have adequate skills in at least one statistical program among STATA, SAS, or R and has finished BSTA 512 linear Models or equivalent. Students meet weekly for 1 hour with the course instructor for discussion on their projects and are also encouraged to have regular meetings with an assigned faculty advisor and/or
consultee(s). Students are expected to work individually or in a team of 2~3 on actual data analysis. The workload will be at least 9 hours per week including all activities (classes, meetings, readings, coding, and analysis).


  • BSTA 511/611 Estimation & Hypothesis Testing for Applied Biostatistics
  • BSTA 512/612 Linear Models