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Chronic Disease Epidemiology – EPI 576 / 676

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EPI 576 / 676


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This course is designed for MPH Epidemiology and Biostatistics majors. The course is intended to give students a good understanding of the epidemiology of the major chronic diseases in developed countries. It covers three aspects of chronic disease: 1) epidemiology methods used in their study, 2) epidemiologic findings and current status of epidemiologic research into various chronic diseases, and 3) the epidemiology of the major risk factors for chronic diseases. The course is based on presentations by researchers and public health practitioners expert on specific chronic disease topics. Students will gain familiarity with some of the classic epidemiologic studies and with some of the innovations to obtaining knowledge contributed by epidemiology.

Doctoral students register for the EPI 676 section.


"Epidemiology I" (EPI 512 or 612; or PHPM 512 or 612; or CPH 541 or 641; or PHE 530)