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Qualitative Methods for Health Professionals – UNI 504

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UNI 504


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This course is designed for students from across health and science disciplines to obtain hands-on experience in qualitative research methods. The 2 credit course is designed to promote collaboration across disciplines through an introduction to qualitative approaches, such as interviews, focus groups, and observational procedures, which can be applied across research disciplines as a sole methodology or as part of a mixed-methods design. Students will work in interprofessional teams to plan for and engage in basic data collection and analysis, with a focus on study design, sampling and selection, budgeting for qualitative tasks, data management, coding, content analysis and reporting. Attention will be paid to the specific issues of ethics and confidentiality in qualitative research, as well as the unique challenges of rigor and reproducibility as they apply to qualitative methods. At the end of the course, students will be able to select an appropriate qualitative method, implement it with their target population, analyze the results, and present it clearly.