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Course Registration

Course Locations & Schedules

Graduate courses meet at OHSU’s South Waterfront Campus, the PSU campus, and online through both OHSU and PSU.

Class locations are subject to change. Be sure to double-check location on the first day of class.

OHSU Searchable Course Schedule

Time, day, and location details for all SPH courses, as well as for non-SPH courses offered through OHSU, are published in OHSU’s Searchable Course Schedule each term.

School of Public Health courses are listed under the following subjects:

  • Biostatistics (BSTA)
  • Community and Public Health (CPH)
  • Environmental Systems & Human Health (ESHH)
  • Epidemiology (EPI)
  • PSU – Health Behavior (PHE)
  • PSU – Health Systems Management & Policy (HSMP)

PSU Searchable Course Schedule

Time, day, and location details for all PSU-hosted SPH and non-SPH courses are published in PSU’s Searchable Course Schedule each term.

School of Public Health courses are listed under the following subjects:

  • Biostatistics (BSTA)
  • Epidemiology (EPI)
  • Public Health Behavior (PHE)
  • Health Systems Mgmnt & Policy (HMP)

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions, a year-long planning schedule, and integrated SPH course schedules (by academic term) are posted to the SPH website on the graduate Course Directory page.

Graduate Course Directory

When To Register

Registration opens about eight weeks prior to the beginning of the coming term. Registration for the fall term (continuing students only) opens much earlier, in mid-May.

Newly admitted students register for the fall term in late June. Specific registration dates are listed on the SPH academic calendar.

Students are encouraged to register promptly, during the priority registration period, both to ensure best course availability and to avoid delays in financial aid disbursement.

Priority Registration Period

Every SPH program has a quarter in which its students are prioritized for registration for certain (required) courses.

It is very important that you register promptly, and that you make every attempt to follow the term-by-term course plans laid out in your academic Program Guide as your program has priority registration for required courses specified during those terms.

Priority registration is only open for a limited period – typically 2 weeks for Winter and Spring terms, although much longer for Fall, to allow incoming students to register.

Once priority registration ends, students from other programs may register for these courses. While there is some flexibility to take courses in alternate terms, we can only hold space for you during your prioritized registration term, during the priority registration period.

If you wait to register until after the priority period, or decide to take a course in another term, we cannot guarantee you a spot. No courses are restricted during Summer, so there is no Priority Registration period.

Links To Guides

How To Register

Regular Registration

The following SPH students register via PSU’s Banweb:

  • MPH/MSW and MPH/MURP dual degree students
  • MPH Health Management & Policy and MPH Health Promotion students who started prior to Fall 2016
  • PhD Community Health and PhD Health Systems & Policy students who started prior to Fall 2017

View PSU Banweb registration instruction – Banweb Instructions

Go To PSU Banweb

All other SPH students register via OHSU’s Student Information System (SISweb, SIS, or Student Self-Service).

See SPH Enrollment Services for more information.

Go To OHSU Self Services

Special Registration

Certain courses, including most courses offered outside the School of Public Health, must be requested via special registration. Students cannot register for these courses on their own. Courses requiring special registration vary by course type and by where students register – see the SPH Registration Guide.

Because special registration is a manual process, students must submit special registration requests at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the term.

Special Registration Process

  1. Enter complete course information into the Registration Request form.
  2. Obtain approval signatures, if required – refer to the SPH Registration Guide. Electronic signatures are preferred.
  3. Submit form as an attachment to Include the subject line “Registration Request: [Course Name], [Student Name].” Requests are accepted during the special registration period only, typically from 4-8 weeks before the first day of the term.
  4. Students will receive confirmation that their request has been received.
  5. Submitting a request does not guarantee enrollment. If the request is approved, students either will be registered for the course by staff, or will receive instructions on how to complete registration.

Signature Restricted Courses

Students cannot register for “signature restricted” courses on their own. Depending on the course, students may need to obtain permission of the course instructor, faculty advisor, program director, or IE faculty.

Lab Courses

Lab courses such as BSTA 530, Biostatistics Lab require forwarded confirmation of instructor permission to to be registered.

Practice Experience (PE) or Integrative Project (IP)

Registration for Field Experience (FE), Practice Experience (PE) or the Integrative Project (IP) requires the approval of the student’s PE Faculty and completion of the appropriate paperwork (Learning Contract, Affiliation Agreement, or IP Proposal) prior to registration.

Deadlines for submitting required forms are sent to students each term. More information and forms can be found on the Practice Experience and Integrative Project pages.

Note: students currently in the first term of their PE who plan to continue into the next term will be registered for the following term automatically, and do not need to submit additional paperwork.

Independent/Directed Study Courses

Independent/Directed Study Courses (e.g. “By Arrangement,” “Reading and Conference”) are intended to meet students’ specific learning needs when the desired instructional content is not addressed in an available course.

Independent/directed study courses should be planned jointly by the student and the supervising faculty member, and must be approved by the Program Director prior to registration. Students should contact their faculty advisor to discuss their interest in an independent study.

The following courses need to submit a signed Directed Study Request form to to be registered:

  • BSTA 500
  • CPH 505
  • EPI 505/605
  • ESHH 505 Reading and Research/Reading and Conference

For “By Arrangement” PHE and HSMP courses, contact for instructions. By arrangement courses are limited to those supervised by SPH faculty only. Students may not register for by-arrangement coursework with non-SPH faculty.