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Dean’s Scholarship Fund

David Bangsberg, founding dean of the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, meets with students almost everyday. These students typically do not have college-educated parents. They put themselves through college while also holding a full-time job. Some know what it’s like to be homeless – and some still are, even while pursuing a degree. He has met students facing these and other challenges with undiminished resolve to improve not only their and their families’ lives but also the lives of people facing similar barriers. Because of this, Dean Bangsberg and his wife, Lynn, have established the Dean’s Scholarship Fund with a pledge of $100,000 to support a promising and diverse student body pursuing a career in health. Your investment will not only change the life of a student and their family, it will provide students from the communities with the greatest health challenges the opportunity to build skills to promote health and well-being where it is needed most.