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Expanded P/NP Grading Options for Summer 2020

Guidance for SPH graduate students considering the P/NP option during Summer 2020

For OHSU-matriculated students

A list of all Summer 2020 SPH courses for which the P/NP option is now available is available here.

A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.


If you wish to choose the P/NP option, there are a number of things you should consider:

  1. You need to inform the OHSU registrar via email (regohsu@ohsu.edu) by 17 July 2020 indicating that you want choose the P/NP option.
  2. If you choose the P/NP option, all of the courses in which you are enrolled, and which are available for the P/NP option, will be converted to P/NP on your transcript (i.e., you cannot select the P/NP option on a class-by-class basis from the list of available courses.)
  3. The minimum letter grade to receive a “P” in all SPH graduate courses using the P/NP option is a B-. (i.e., grades of A, A-, B+, B and B- will be converted to a P.  All grades C+ and below will be converted to an NP.) Instructors will maintain letter grades throughout the quarter and the grade will be converted to P or NP at the time of grade submission.
  4. If you plan to apply for future graduate study, there may be implications of choosing the P/NP option and you should discuss this with your
  5. Students on academic probation should discuss their choice with their academic advisor.
  6. Students repeating core/required classes should discuss their choice with their academic advisor.
  7. If you are taking non-SPH courses (i.e., prefixes other than BSTA, EPI, ESHH, CPH, HSMP, PHE, UNI/IPE) during Summer 2020, if you select the P/NP option at OHSU (and the course is available as P/NP at PSU), the grade on your OHSU transcript for those non-SPH courses will be recorded as P/NP. (Note: As with SPH courses, if you select the P/NP option at OHSU, all eligible Summer 2020 courses will be converted to P/NP on your transcript.)

For non-OHSU-matriculated students taking SPH courses (e.g., dual-degree students)

You need to follow the PSU guidance with regard to changing the grading option. This can be found at  https://www.pdx.edu/registration/spring-summer-2020-temporary-pnp-policy-changes.