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Apply: MD/MPH in Epidemiology

MD/MPH in Epidemiology

Apply to join the MD/MPH in Epidemiology

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Application Deadlines

MD Deadline

  • May 31 through October 15

Program Description

Interested applicants must complete the MD/MPH Combined Degree Program Application Addendum as well as the other forms required of all medical school applicants. Interviews are a required part of the application process for the MD/MPH program. Representatives of the MD and MD/MPH programs screen the credentials of all applicants and competitive applicants are invited to interview with representatives of both the MD and the MD/MPH programs on the same day. 

Admissions Requirements

Policies and requirements for admission into the MD/MPH Combined Degree Program are the same as for the MD program, with the addition of the criteria listed below: (Please pay careful attention to these points as you prepare your application.)

  • MCAT scores are accepted in lieu of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. However, if you have taken the Graduate Record Examination, please have your scores forwarded to the Office of Admissions, School of Medicine, CL5MD.    
  • Letter of Recommendation: In addition to letters required for the MD program, applicants must submit at least one letter of recommendation that speaks specifically to those characteristics that make the applicant especially suited to a medical career that includes public health, public health research, or clinical research.
  • MD/MPH Personal Statement: With the MD/MPH Combined Degree Program Application Addendum, applicants must include a statement of purpose explaining: 1) why they are applying for the MD/MPH program at OHSU and 2) how they anticipate using the medicine and public health training that OHSU provides in their career plans.
  • Introductory Statistics Course: Applicants must successfully complete an undergraduate course in statistics prior to entering the MD/MPH Combined Degree Program. This does not need to be completed prior to application/interview but will need to be completed prior to entering the Program.