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Information Technology

School of Public Health graduate students receive network credentials from both OHSU and PSU, while undergraduate students receive credentials from PSU.

Network credentials grant students their and email addresses, and permit them to access technological services and support at both universities. Such services include computer applications and computer lab log-in privileges, online course management platforms (Sakai at OHSU and D2L at PSU), file sharing systems (OneDrive at OHSU and Google Drive at PSU), and online holdings at both libraries.

PSU Services – How To & Help

Get help with PSU information technology from PSU’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) – Link To PSU OIT.

OHSU Services How To & Help

Get help with OHSU information technology at the with the OHSU Information Technology Group – Link to OHSU ITG.

Campus Network / Online Access

OHSU Network

OHSU’s Information Technology Group (ITG) generates and maintains OHSU network accounts and access. To maintain OHSU network access, students must complete Information Privacy and Security Essentials training annually, even when on leave of absence, in the field, or not otherwise using OHSU resources.

The training course is available in OHSU’s online learning management system – Compass.

Students who do not complete the annual training will lose access to the OHSU network. Students’ network access expires 24 hours after graduation date, except that email access continues for 90 days after graduation date.

PSU Network

PSU’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) oversees students’ PSU ODIN accounts, in partnership with the PSU Registrar’s Office.

Your PSU ODIN account will remain active as long as you are attending or working at PSU. After the end of your last term as a student or your last day of employment, your account will no longer be considered active. Student accounts have a grace period before being disabled.

For more information about account expiration and grace periods, see the Odin Account Standard.

Two-Factor Authentication (Duo)

Both OHSU and PSU employ two-factor authentication, via the Duo app, to provide extra login security for some services, such as the PSU Virtual Private Network (VPN) or OHSU’s webmail. In order to access these systems, you’ll combine your login information with a secondary credential delivered through your phone or tablet. This prevents anyone else from signing in, even if they know your password.


School of Public Health graduate students have email accounts at both OHSU and PSU.  Students must check both accounts regularly; these are the only email addresses the universities and School will use to communicate with you.

Email is accessible via the web from within university networks or through internet. Duo two-step authentication is required for accessing OHSU or PSU email outside the corresponding network.

Tips For Managing Your Email Accounts

You may link your OHSU and PSU email accounts by auto-forwarding your PSU email to your OHSU account. Because of OHSU’s security settings, it is not possible to auto-forward your OHSU email to your PSU account.

PSU uses Google/Gmail for email services. You can sync components of your Google account at PSU (Mail, Contacts, Calendars) with your devices, or you can install the Gmail, Calendar, and Drive apps from the app store.

Resource Articles / Links

Student Listservs

Information about SPH events, job and internship opportunities, class offerings, health-related seminars, fellowships, school club activities, and other items of interest are posted to the listserv regularly. The listserv is managed by the Dean’s Office.

To post items, send a request to Personal postings, solicitations, and other items not directly relevant to academic programs or public health issues will not be circulated.

All PhD students are subscribed to the PhD student listserv ( Some academic programs also have Listservs or distribution groups for enrolled students.

New graduate students are automatically subscribed to the SPH graduate student listserv ( upon matriculation.

Student Information Systems

OHSU and PSU each have secure online information systems where students can register for classes, view and pay student bills, sign up for direct deposit, update contact information, manage and accept financial aid awards, and order official transcripts.

OHSU Student Information System

OHSU’s information system called “Student Self-Service” or the Student Information System (SIS).

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Student Self-Service button
  3. Enter your OHSU login credentials

PSU Banweb

PSU’s information system is called Banweb.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your PSU login credentials

Online Course Management Systems

OHSU – Sakai

Sakai is OHSU’s online course management system, supporting courses hosted by OHSU. Students use their OHSU credentials to log in to Sakai.

Login To Sakai

Sakai Student User Guide – Link to User Guide

Sakai Help Desk
Phone: 877-972-5249

PSU – Canvas

Canvas @ PSU is PSU’s online course management system, supporting courses hosted by PSU. Students use their PSU credentials to log in to Canvas.

Login To Canva

School Communications

SPH Website

The School of Public Health website is the School’s primary source for information on academic programs, policies, procedures, people, events, courses, job and internship opportunities, and more. It includes an integrated academic calendar and course directory, combining information from both universities’ course schedules. The website also catalogs School of Public Health student program guides, handbooks, and forms.

O2 and OHSU Now

O2 is OHSU’s intranet. Students log in with their OHSU network credentials – Login to o2.

O2’s Student Central – is for quick links to news, information, and resources for students across OHSU’s Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, and Nursing, the OSU College of Pharmacy, and the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health.


myPSU is for links to PSU-based resources and services related to enrollment, academic planning, finances, and school tools – Login to myPSU.

The “Community” section brings in news and events through PSU Connect, a great source of what’s happening on campus. myPSU is available from any web browser at