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Integrative Project

If you have questions please talk with the Integrative Project Administrator – Andrew Wyman, or talk with the Coordinator for your program. 


Biostatistics – Byung Park

Epidemiology – Arielle Hernandez

Environmental Systems & Human Health – Tawnya Peterson

Health Management & Policy – Robin Baker

Health Promotion – Brad Wipfli

Public Health Practice – Robin Baker

Integrative Project Guidelines

The Integrative Project develops a high-quality written product of professional standard. This paper must demonstrate your ability to integrate Foundational and Programmatic competencies developed during your MPH training. It may be derived from your Practice Experience, or it may be a separate written document. Registration in the Integrated Project course may occur after, or simultaneously with, registration in the Practice Experience course.

The form of the paper is expected to vary by student and MPH program. Please look at the syllabus for the Integrative Project for more information. Examples of substantive and approvable written products include:

  • a program evaluation plan or report
  • a high quality draft or publishable journal manuscript
  • a grant proposal
  • a health promotion or community engagement program plan
  • an economic analysis; or a policy analysis.

At minimum, the Integrative Project paper will contain a thoroughly defined overview, background and significance, a thorough literature review, a discussion or critical analysis that demonstrates integration of at least three Foundational and three Programmatic competencies, and a statement of your practice around equity and positionality.

We expect your paper will demonstrate: a thorough knowledge of a public health issue; the ability to articulate an “equity lens” (Foundational Competency #6) and an understanding of your positionality relative to the selected public health issue; the ability to apply existing theory and empirical evidence, the ability to articulate the public health implications of a policy, program, or research study, and effective written communication.

You will submit your Integrative Project Proposal form, signed by your Faculty Advisor, to the program’s Integrative Project Coordinator/Instructor by the end of the 5th week of the term prior to registration in the Integrative Project course.

Integrative Project Registration timeline

Timeline of the steps to integrative project registration.

Integrative Project Proposal registration timeline

The form requires brief descriptions of all of the following:

  • the topic area and scope
  • applicability to professional goals
  • sources of empirical evidence
  • at least three Foundational Competencies to be addressed; one must include Foundational Competency #6
  • at least three Programmatic Competencies to be addressed
  • the primary public health implications
Integrative Project Timeline

Timeline of the steps to complete the integrative project during the term students are enrolled.

Integrative Project Term timeline

Your final paper will be reviewed by at least two SPH faculty other than your Faculty Advisor, and these faculty are likely to be cross-disciplinary and from outside of your specific MPH’s program. The grading rubric will follow the student learning objectives (knowledge of issue, application of theory, evidence integration of competencies, equity lens, and quality of writing). The Integrative Project paper course is graded A-F and carries 1-credit.