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IPE, APE, ILE (Fall 2018 and after)

All School of Public Health students in M.P.H. programs who matriculated for Fall 2018 and after are required to complete the following three components for their degree. If you matriculated before Fall 2018 please visit the Field & Culminating Experiences page. 

Interprofessional Experience Seminar

Interprofessional education is when students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes. The Interprofessional Experience Seminar is a requirement for all MPH degree programs, and is met in different ways in different programs. The MPH programs in Epidemiology and Biostatistics require a 2-credit inter-professional course, UNI 504 Qualitative Methods for Health Professionals. Students in other MPH programs may select a 1-2 credit inter-professional course from a list of approved IPE classes. Read more about interprofessional education at OHSU. 

Applied Practice Experience Seminar

The 1-credit Applied Practice Experience (APE) seminar is required for all MPH degree programs and supports students in developing a portfolio that demonstrates attainment of competencies that align with their career interests. The APE Seminar is graded P/NP. The practice experiences included in the portfolio usually precede registration for the APE Seminar, but may occur during the term in which students are registered for the seminar. Examples of curriculum-based applied practice experiences include a practicum or internship, course assignment or  activities that involve a community-based organization, and activities linked to service learning.  In addition, activities that are undertaken outside of the educational setting, but which complement what is learned in-class, may qualify as an APE.  Examples of such extra-curricular activities may include community service and volunteer opportunities. Students must detail competency attainment through at least two practice experiences. Students who wish to enroll in the seminar must complete this Qualtrics form (link to go live this summer) by deadlines given for each term. It is suggested that students have completed 24 credits before enrolling for the APE seminar so that they have had time to garner appropriate experiences.

Integrative Learning Experience

The 4-credit Integrative Learning Experience (ILE)is a degree requirement for all MPH programs, and is graded A-F.  The ILE is an opportunity for students to synthesize competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) that align with their interests and career goals. The ILE requirement may be met in a variety of ways, including through research projects, practical application of knowledge and skills to current public health issues, or working with preceptors at organizations outside of the SPH such as a local or state health departments, research centers, or a community-based organization. During the ILE, students create a substantial written product that is appropriate for their educational and professional objectives, as well as complete other required assignments.

Students should work with their Faculty Advisor and the ILE faculty to develop their ILE project. Because it is intended to integrate knowledge, skills, and abilities gained across the curriculum, students must have completed at least 42 credits, including all core courses, before enrolling in the ILE. Thus the ILE should occur toward the end of the overall program of study.   

Available Field Experiences & Internships