Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and Portland State University (PSU) School of Public Health

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All MPH students who matriculated in Fall 2018 or later must complete an Interprofessional Experience (UNI or IPE course), 4 credits of Practice Experience course, and a 1 credit Integrative Project course.

Students who entered their MPH degree program prior to Fall 2018 must complete the Field & Culminating Experiences.

  Practice Experience Interprofessional Integrative Project
How many hours/credits? 4 credits in a single term or 2 credits in each of two contiguous terms; equivalent to 160 contact-hours in the organization A 1-2 credit approved IPE or UNI course. Students must refer to program handbooks for courses in each program that meet this requirement. 1 credit
Does it vary by MPH program? Yes Students must have completed at least 9 credits though it is suggested that they have completed 18 credits. Yes
When can I register?


  • Completing 36 credits of the MPH program
  • Submission and approval (by Site Preceptor and Faculty Advisor) of your Learning Contract
Varying assignments After completing the Practice Experience. If the Practice Experience is completed over two terms, the Integrative Project can be completed concurrently with the second term of the Practice Experience.
Who provides guidance & oversight?


  • Site Preceptor
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Program’s Practice Experience Coordinator/Instructor
Your Faculty Advisor. Your Faculty Advisor and the program’s Integrative Project Coordinator/Instructor
Who evaluates my work?


  • Site Preceptor
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Program’s Practice Experience Coordinator/Instructor
The UNI or IPE course coordinators/instructors. Two SPH faculty members (other than your Faculty Advisor)
What products are required?

All of the following:

  • Competency-based Learning Contract
  • Midway Progress Report
  • Final Summary Report
  • Portfolio (Deliverables/competency demonstrations, and resume or cv)
  • 20-minute Oral Presentation (except MPH-Biostatistics students who have an oral in their comprehensive exam)
Assignments based on the UNI or IPE course coordinators/instructors.

A high-quality written product of professional standard, demonstrating mastery of Foundational and Programmatic competencies. Appropriate products will vary by program and project goals.

Examples include:

  • a program evaluation plan or report
  • a high quality draft or publishable journal manuscript
  • a grant proposal
  • a health promotion or community engagement program plan
  • an economic analysis; or a policy analysis.

Integrative Project Documents