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MPH in Health Management and Policy

Program Overview

Program of Study



The Master of Public Health in Health Management and Policy program combines training in public health with training in health management and policy to prepare current and future public health leaders for careers in health systems, government, research, advocacy and health-related community-based organizations. The goal of the Health Management and Policy program is to develop and strengthen the knowledge and practice of the delivery, management, and governance of health-related services to improve the public’s health.

The Health Management and Policy curriculum integrates the core concepts of public health with specific instruction in management, finance, strategy, policy, economics and ethics. The program prepares students to exercise effective policy and administrative leadership at all levels within the organizations and systems that support the public’s health.

Students can complete the program in a dual degree format with the Master of Social Work. Other dual degree options require the approval of directors from both programs. Students must be admitted to both programs.

Course Number Course Title Credits
Core Coursework (17 credits)
HSMP 574 Health Systems Organization 3
PHE 512 Principles of Health Behavior 3
PHE 580 Concepts of Environmental Health 3
CPH/PHE/PHPM Epidemiology I (CPH, PHE 530, or PHPM 512) 4
PHE/PHPM Introduction to Biostatistics (PHE or PHPM 524) 4
Program Coursework (24 credits)
HSMP 541 Organizational Behavior in Health Service Organizations 3
HSMP 571 Health Policy 3
HSMP 573 Values and Ethics in Health 3
HSMP 576 Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations 3
HSMP 577 Health Care Law and Regulation 3
HSMP 586 Introduction to Health Economics 3
HSMP 587 Financial Management of Health Services 3
HSMP 588 Program Evaluation and Management In Health Services 3
Elective courses from the following (15 credits)
HSMP 544 Leadership and Governance in Health Services 3
HSMP 570 Health Administration 3
HSMP 572 Health Politics 3
HSMP 575 Advanced Health Policy 3
HSMP 578 Continual Improvement In Health Care 3
HSMP 579 Health Information Technology and Systems Management 3
HSMP 580 Health Services Human Resources Management 3
PA 525 Grantwriting for Nonprofit Organizations 3
PA 543 Creating Collaborative Communities 3
PA 545 Organizational Development 3
PA 549 Cross-cultural Communication in the Public Sector 3
PA 553 Sustainable Development Policy and Governance 3
PA 554 Policy Analysis Research 3
PA 556 Public Contract Management 3
PA 558 Managing Public Projects and Programs: From Local to Global 3
PHE 520 Qualitative Research Design 3
PHE 541 Media Advocacy and Public Health 3
PHE 557 National Long-term Care Policy 3
Other courses may be approved by the student’s faculty advisor.
Public Health Organizational/Field Experience (6 credits)
HSMP 509 Organizational/Field Experience 6
Certified in Public Health Examination (Pass/No Pass)

Students graduating from this track will be able to:

  • Apply ethical principles and behaviors that govern the practice of health management and policy.
  • Apply theory in the development, implementation and evaluation of solutions to challenges in health management and policy.
  • Represent cultural competency with diverse cultures and communities in the practice of health management and policy.
  • Apply policy process knowledge and techniques to support development and implementation of health policy.
  • Set and employ appropriate qualitative and quantitative techniques to evaluate and manage health system performance.
  • Design and implement processes to assess and improve organizational and system performance.
  • Solicit and integrate input from health system stakeholders to advance cooperative solutions to health system challenges.
  • Design and deliver communication materials supporting the practice of health services leadership, management and policy.
  • Demonstrate critical and self-reflective thinking in the practice of health management and policy.

Application questions – Josh Hodsden, MBA

Registration questions – Laura Ehrlich, M.Ed.

Program Director – Julia Goodman, PhD