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Master of Public Health in Health Promotion and Social Work (MPH/MSW)

Program Overview

Core Competencies

Sample Course of Study


The M.P.H. in Health Promotion is an interdisciplinary course of study providing students with specialized training in public health promotion and education. Through coursework and community-based experiences, students learn to address factors in the broader social, economic, policy and built environments to improve the health of populations.

The M.S.W. program of study educates students for advanced leadership and practice that recognizes and dismantles systems of oppression; builds racial equity and social, political and economic justice; and advances the well-being of diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities and tribal nations.

Together, this M.P.H. in Health Promotion/M.S.W. dual degree program helps prepare professionals wanting to make a difference at the intersection of public health and social work.

Students graduating from this track will be able to:

  • Apply theory in the development, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion interventions, programs, and policies.
  • Develop interventions and programs to effect change at multiple levels, including individual, community, organization, and policy.
  • Design and implement strategies to promote health.
  • Solicit and integrate input from community and organization stakeholders.
  • Design and deliver health communication messages.
  • Evaluate and interpret results from program evaluations and other research.
  • Define research problems, frame research questions, design research procedures, and outline methods of analysis.
  • Apply ethical principles that govern the practice of public health.
  • Enact cultural competency in diverse social and cultural communities.
  • Develop a substantive area of emphasis.

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