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Update From Academic Affairs

Biostats Faculty Advising Dinner - Images From The Biostats Team

Biostatistics Faculty Host Group Advising Dinner

The School of Public Health Biostats faculty held a group advising session with dinner in mid-April with students from all three Biostats programs (MS, MPH, and Certificate). It was an advising and social event for students and faculty to interact with each other outside of the classroom, to help build an inclusive and supportive community through sharing students’ experiences, and to address questions regarding the program. The topics covered during the group advising session included a comprehensive exam discussion, lab and practive experience projects, choices of elective courses, potential internship opportunities in Biostatistics Design & Program (BDP) and KCI Biostatistics Shared Resources (BSR), results from last year’s annual student survey, and panel discussions of Biostatistics career. Students also shared their experiences on these topics. Biostatistics program holds group advising sessions twice a year.