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Betty Izumi, Marie Lo, and and Hau Hagedorn - Grant Award

Grant makes exploratory trips to Vietnam and Hawaii possible for PIAA Studies


Betty Izumi, Marie Lo (PSU’s English Department), and Hau Hagedorn (PSU’s Transportation Research and Education Center) received a $100,000 grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to support place-based research and education that examines the intersections of U.S. imperialism in Southeast Asia, U.S. settler colonialism of the Pacific Islands and their impacts on the histories and experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the greater Portland area.

This grant is part of the ongoing efforts to establish a program in Pacific Islander & Asian American Studies at PSU.

Izumi said the grant will allow the group to focus on communities whose demographics and histories have too often been erased or overlooked. “U.S. imperialism and settler colonialism are not part of traditional public health scholarship,” she said. “This grant allows us to explore these histories in Vietnam and Hawaii and incorporate them into public health research and education.”

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