Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and Portland State University (PSU) School of Public Health

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Our Programs


Applied Health & Fitness

In the BA/BS in Applied Health and Fitness you will explore and apply the most current research and science in the field of exercise, physical activity, and health. With three specialized focus areas (Fitness and Exercise, Health Coaching, and Fitness for Special Populations), we provide you with a core foundation in public health and specialized skills in exercise science that positions you to excel in the career path you seek.

Public Health Studies

With five specialized Public Health Studies concentrations and two minors, we provide you with specialty training and a core foundation in public health that positions you to excel in the career path you seek.

  • Health Aging
  • Commnity Health Promotion
  • Health Services Administration
  • Clinical Health Science
  • School Health Educator

Graduate (MS/MPH)


The MPH in Biostatistics program equips you with applied biostatistical skills to collect and analyze data in support of public health research, program assessment, and policy analysis, all in the context of public health foundational knowledge. The program also prepares you to be proficient in statistical programming commonly used in public health research and practice, population-based study design, and epidemiological methods. The practice experience required by the program enables you to get involved in the community and to work on a project addressing public health challenges in an applied setting.

The MPH in Biostatistics program suits students who are mainly interested in applied statistical methods. Graduates of our Biostatistics MPH program have a high rate of employment with health care systems, nonprofit organizations, government health agencies, research institutions, device companies, and other employers.


The MPH in Epidemiology offers first-rate preparation for careers in government, the nonprofit sector, research institutes, health plans and other healthcare-related businesses, and academia. The OHSU-PSU SPH has a long history of high-achieving alumni. Employers seeking Epidemiology graduates regard us as a leading source of new talent and actively recruit our graduates.

In addition, the OHSU-PSU SPH’s unique institutional structure encourages you to synthesize perspectives across multiple disciplines. With access to the full resources of two universities, our MPH in Epidemiology equips you to design epidemiologic studies, apply appropriate statistical methods to the analysis of epidemiologic data, and interpret and report results in publications or other venues. You will be able to integrate expertise from basic science, clinical treatment, community health, biostatistics, public policy, and many other disciplines all at the core of public health.

Environmental Systems & Human Health

The MPH in Environmental Systems and Human Health qualifies you for a wide range of careers. You will be prepared for advanced positions in environmental regulation, industrial hygiene, occupational health, environmental remediation, food safety, nonprofit advocacy, and related fields.

In addition, our Environmental Systems and Human Health MPH positions you for next-generation industries that are emerging in response to the global climate crisis and other matters of planetary health. You may find ground-floor opportunities to apply public health principles in sectors such as renewable energy, biodiversity preservation, carbon sequestration, and more.

Health Management and Policy

Our Health Management and Policy MPH program is led by some of the nation’s most creative health services thinkers and reformers. SPH faculty helped assess new models in Medicaid (Oregon’s groundbreaking Coordinated Care Organizations), patient-centered primary care, end-of-life issues, rural health services, and other areas of Health Management and Policy.

You will have opportunities to work on similar innovations in our Health Management and Policy MPH program, developing advanced skills in management, policy, finance, strategy, economics, and ethics. The program integrates classroom theory with applied practice, enabling you to engage in the community, develop collaborative relationships, and make a real-world impact. Graduates of our Health Management and Policy MPH degree have an outstanding record of career achievement, with high-profile leadership jobs in government, academia, the nonprofit sector, the health services industry, insurance, research, and other fields.

Health Promotion

Graduates of our MPH in Health Promotion are highly qualified to work for government agencies, nonprofits, advocacy organizations, universities, research institutes, and health care organizations. You will acquire direct experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating health promotion programs and initiatives, with the ability to address health issues across the lifespan.

Our MPH in Health Promotion prioritizes community engagement. You will work with a broad range of populations and groups, building skills in effective partnership, meaningful collaboration, and positive social change. The OHSU-PSU SPH’s unique structure provides outstanding opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, which is one reason our graduates are known for policy and programmatic innovations that synthesize ideas across multiple fields.

Public Health Practice

The two-year MPH in Public Health Practice pairs online coursework with hands-on engagement in your own community, wherever you live. Designed to accommodate recent college graduates as well as working adults, our online MPH can fit easily into any schedule, whether you are taking courses full-time or balancing them with your job, family, and other responsibilities.

The online Public Health Practice MPH is taught by the same preeminent faculty who lead the OHSU-PSU SPH’s in-person programs. And, it equips you with relevant, applied expertise in public health practice that you can use to guide health reform, exercise leadership, develop and evaluate programs, and better serve your community.

The hybrid Public Health Practice MPH combines online and in-person courses. Designed for completion on an accelerated 12-month schedule, it equips you with specialized public health expertise to support specific professional goals.

You can complete this rigorous hybrid MPH in Public Health Practice program during a year off from an MD, JD, MSW, MPA, or other graduate degree, adding complementary training that expands your scope of expertise and increases your marketability.

Graduate (PhD)

Community Health

OHSU-PSU’s Ph.D. in Community Health equips you with superior skills in research methodology, qualitative research, data analysis, and epidemiologic study design. You will acquire an interdisciplinary skillset and a range of analytical frameworks that you can apply to address community health challenges.

Because the OHSU-PSU SPH has such a strong presence in the community, Ph.D. candidates in the Community Health program have robust opportunities to make an impact on public health. You will be able to collaborate with stakeholders on a wide range of upstream factors, such as housing, transit, education, employment, air and water quality, and other issues that affect the public’s health. The program qualifies you for a career as university faculty or in executive leadership for government agencies, major nonprofits, health care networks, insurance companies, and other organizations.


The OHSU-PSU SPH’s Epidemiology Ph.D. program offers exceptional opportunities to engage in research and teaching activities necessary for leadership roles. Through the doctoral dissertation process, you will gain research competency by leading a body of independent epidemiologic research from initial design through submission for publication. Our current and recent Epidemiology Ph.D. candidates have pursued investigations related to economic policy, maternal and child health, obesity prevention and treatment, infectious disease modeling, hearing loss among military veterans, antibiotic stewardship, health impacts of insurance policies, and economic segregation, among other pressing and timely issues. To develop your skills as an educator, you will serve at least one term as a teaching assistant for a core Epidemiology course under the guidance of a faculty member.

Graduates of our Epidemiology Ph.D. program have an exemplary record of job placement. You will be highly qualified for university faculty positions and scientific leadership roles in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private-sector health systems.

Health Systems and Policy

The Health Systems and Policy doctoral program provides outstanding academic training to support careers in education and research, as university faculty or in applied policy positions. You can also apply your Health Systems and Policy Ph.D. to pursue executive leadership roles in government, nonprofit, and private-sector health organizations, including health systems and insurance companies.

In addition to completing core coursework in health systems, policy, and health services research, you can concentrate your studies in one of four emphasis areas:

  • Health systems organization, financing, and delivery
  • Health policy analysis and application
  • Health services access, quality, and cost
  • Community-based health and social services

All four concentrations in the Health Systems and Policy Ph.D. program integrate classroom theory with applied experience in community settings.