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SPH Launches Groundbreaking Social Justice Resource

Stack of social justice and antiracism resources from the PHREE directory

SPH Launches Public Health Resources for Equitable Education (PHREE)

The OHSU-PSU School of Public Health (SPH) is taking a proactive stance in combating systemic barriers to health with the launch of a groundbreaking resource.

As part of the antiracism initiative within the SPH, Sydney Gilbert (MSW/MPH), Adri Jones, the SPH Antiracism Program Manager and Candace Chin, the SPH Web Specialist, created the Public Health Resources for Equitable Education (PHREE) Social Justice Directory. This resource aims to foster racial literacy and delves into intersectionality.

“Antiracist praxis requires us to engage in critical self-reflection and develop a critical consciousness necessary for understanding how systems of oppression continue to harm marginalized communities. Supporting efforts for racial literacy is necessary for understanding that racism, not race itself, perpetuates inequitable health outcomes. The directory serves as a space to decenter power in knowledge creation,” said Adri Jones.

The release of these resources underscores the commitment of the SPH to fostering antiracist praxis. By equipping faculty, staff, and students with the tools to understand and address the complexities of racism and intersectionality, this initiative empowers them to enact meaningful change within their spheres of influence. Submissions to the directory are welcomed and not limited to members within the SPH community.