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SPH faculty member appointed to Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board

Senior Instructor II, Dr. Debra C Harris, (Deb) was appointed and confirmed by Governor Kate Brown, on May 8th, 2019, as a Public Member, to the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board . Deb is a faculty member in the School of Public Health and has taught Death/Dying at Portland State University. Debra’s term on the board is for three years.

The Oregon and Cemetery Board licenses and regulates individual death care professionals and the facilities where they work. The mission of the Board is to protect public health, safety and welfare by fairly and efficiently performing its licensing, inspection and enforcement duties; by promoting professional behavior and standards in all facets of the Oregon death care industry; and, by maintaining constructive relationships with licensees, those they serve and others with an interest in the Board’s activities.

The Board’s work affects those who have suffered a loss, those who make final arrangements for themselves or others, and those who provide death care goods and services. It is the Board’s responsibility to license and regulate the practice of individuals and facilities engaged in the care, preparation, processing, transportation and final disposition of human remains.

The Governor makes appointments to over 250 Boards and Commissions representing a broad range of areas and issues for the State of Oregon. This also includes most major state agencies and departments headed by policymaking boards are appointed by the Governor.