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How to Get Your Student ID Cards

Important Note For Graduate Students

OHSU matriculated students will need BOTH their PSU ID Card and OHSU ID Badge to access classes and services from both campuses.

How to get your PSU ID Card

Always carry your PSU ID Card with you since most PSU buildings use electronic access, requiring an ID card to enter.

Visit PSU ID Services to get your ID Card at any time during business hour – PSU ID SERVICES

No appointment is needed, and the card is free. Be sure to bring a government-issued photo ID with you.

Please Note:
  • You must be flagged as a registered student for the upcoming or current term to get your card.
  • If you are a graduate student whose registration services are through OHSU, wait until a day or two before the upcoming term to visit ID Services to be certain that your registration status is accurately reflected in PSU systems.

PSU ID Services Location

Fairborz Maseeh Hall (FMH)
Student Services Lounge
1855 SW Broadway
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm
Reference PSU Campus Map

How to get your OHSU ID Badge

Always carry your OHSU ID Badge with you since many OHSU buildings are on electronic access requiring an ID badge to enter.

An OHSU badge also gives you free passage on the Portland Aerial Tram:

New Students

Graduate students who complete all of their OHSU pre-entrance requirements will have their badges prepared in advance, and may pick up their badges at OHSU Orientation September 25th, 2023. Be sure to bring a government-issued photo ID with you.

Pre-Entrance Requirements:

  • Background check cleared
  • All required learning modules complete in Compass
  • Immune status form submitted to OHSU Student Health and Wellness
  • Submit their photo and badge information by the deadline

Submit your photo and badge information in advance using the online OHSU ID Badge Form.

Submit Badge Information

Badges not picked up at OHSU Orientation will be available at OHSU’s Parking and Transportation Customer Service Center on the South Waterfront Campus beginning the day after OHSU Orientation. Badges not picked up after 30 days will be destroyed.

OHSU Parking and Transportation Customer Service Center

Rood Family Pavilion – Link to Family Pavilion
3410 S. Bond Avenue, South Waterfront Campus
Reference Campus Map

Not Completed Requirements

If you do not finish all of your pre-entrance badging requirements, and/or do not submit a suitable photo and badge information by the deadline, your badge will not be prepared in advance.

To get your OHSU ID badge after the deadline has passed:

  1. Ensure that all your pre-entrance requirements are complete. You cannot get a badge until all requirements are marked complete.
  2. Contact, using the subject line “Badge Request: [Your Name]”.  Be sure to include the following information:
    • Your legal first and last names
    • Your network ID (the first part of your OHSU email address)
    • Your preferred first name, if different from your legal name
    • Your preferred pronouns, if desired.
    • Your expected pick-up date. The date must be on or after 9/26/2022; no badge requests will be processed before then.
  3. An electronic badge request will be submitted to OHSU ID Services on your behalf.
  4. You will receive a copy of the approved badge request at your OHSU email address
  5. Visit OHSU Parking and Transportation Customer Service Center to get your badge.