Undergraduate Advising

You are welcome to meet with any of the four School of Public Health Advisors.

Alyssa Dart – dart@pdx.edu

Belinda Zeidler – zeidlerb@pdx.edu

Elizabeth Benner – ebenner@pdx.edu

Jane Mercer – mercerj@pdx.edu

You are not limited or assigned to one advisor in particular, we are all glad to help!

Location: The advising office is located in the Urban Center – Suite 450

Scheduling: Go to our advising scheduler to find a time slot.

Schedule Advising

or call 503-725-4401 to schedule an appointment.  

We also offer drop in advising sessions.  Drop in advising does not take the place of advising appointments, be sure to schedule those well in advance and on a regular basis.  Drop in advising is meant to offer you a chance to pose one or two specific questions about your degree plan, these sessions are first come first serve and limited to 10-15 minutes.  Please see calendar below for drop in advising sessions.

First Year Advising

During your first year in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health you are required to meet with an academic advisor at least one time. If you do not meet this requirement, a hold is placed on your account at the end of your first year which will prevent you from registering for your second year.  This hold may only be lifted by your academic advisor.

In the School of Public Health we require that you set up a 45 minute appointment with your advisor to lift this hold. We recommend doing this during your first or second term so we can make sure you are on the right track for your future studies and career plans.

Drop In Advising

These sessions are first come first serve and limited to 10-15 minutes.

Undergraduate Listserv

Please sign up for the undergraduate listserv. It is where the you will receive information about the Health majors, open courses, and internship information.
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