Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and Portland State University (PSU) School of Public Health

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Current Graduate Students


Navigating the School of Public Health

The OHSU-PSU School of Public Health (“School” or “SPH”) is a partnership between Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University, and graduate students are recognized students of both universities. School of Public Health graduate students study, work, and socialize across the universities‘ three campuses (OHSU’s Marquam Hill campus, the South Waterfront campus, and PSU’s downtown campus), and enjoy the resources of both institutions as they pursue their studies.

Helpful Links For All Graduate Students

Campus & Saftey Information

All campus maps, saftey information, and ID requirements for all students.

IT Requirements & Information

All login and online course information for current graduate students.

Enrollment Services

Financial Aid, Registrar, and student health services for current graduate students.

Academic Calendar

Full calendar of all important dates during the upcoming academic year.

New Student Orientation

Information for new graduate students on important contact points around campus.

Course Directory

A complete list of courses offered to graduate students attending the SOPH.

CPH Exam

Details on registration and policies for students looking to take the CPH exam.

Field & Culminating Experience

Access to our full list of potential field and culminating experiences for graduate students.

Financial Aid

Contact and application information for graduate students looking to gain financial aid.

Handbook, Policies & Forms

Links to all important forms and access to student policies for graduate students.


Graduation requirements for all graduates students taking an MPH program.

Jobs & Opportunities

A complete list of jobs and other opportunities available for graduate students.

Grad Certificate Requirements

Access to our full checklist of requirements to complete our graduate certificate programs.

Accessibility Information

Details and good contact resources for information on accessibility throughout campus

Student at laptop in coffee shop

Student Leadership Opportunities

OHSU-PSU School of Public Health prides itself on our mission of promoting advocacy, collaboration, openness, respect, and equity among students.

The Student Leadership Council is an embodiment of that mission!

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