Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and Portland State University (PSU) School of Public Health

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Apply: PhD in Community Health

The PhD Community Health application will open every other year. The next start date is Fall 2023.

PhD in Community Health

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Application Information

Application Deadlines

All documents are submitted to SOPHAS (www.sophas.org)  

The GRE is no longer required. Any scores submitted will not be considered during application review. 


  • December 1 – Early application deadline and decisions provided by early February 
  • February 1 - Decisions provided by end of March 

All application materials, including official transcripts from all schools attended and letters of recommendation, must be received in SOPHAS before the deadline in order to be reviewed. Applications completed after February 1 will not be considered. 

Application Overview

The PhD in Community Health Admissions Committee considers each application holistically, on the basis of all components. We encourage all interested applicants to apply. Successful applicants typically demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Conferred master’s in public health or a related field 
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Demonstrated experience in research that provides foundational knowledge for advanced study at the doctoral level

Recognizing the serious challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic for student learning, faculty teaching, and academic performance assessment, the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health (SPH) asserts the following principles: 

As part of our ongoing practice of performing individualized and holistic reviews of each applicant, OHSU-PSU SPH admissions committees will take into account the significant disruptions and challenges associated with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when reviewing applicants’ academic transcripts and other application materials. 

As admissions committees review applications in future admissions cycles, we will respect decisions made by individual students and/or by their academic institutions with regard to the enrollment in or adoption of grading options of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, Pass/No Record, Credit/No Credit, Pass/Fail, Pass/Not Passed, and others during the pandemic disruptions. We strive to form future graduate student cohorts composed of intellectually strong, diverse, and resilient individuals who will make the most of their graduate education opportunities at the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health.

Admission Requirements

These will be updated closer to the next admission cycle.

Application Requirements


OHSU requires immunizations for its students in accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and from the State of Oregon. Students must comply with OHSU pre-entrance immunization requirements per Policy 03-30-150 and Policy 02-90-010, and remain in compliance for the duration of their enrollment at OHSU. 

This means that all admitted students must provide proof of full COVID-19 immunization or receive an approved medical or religious exception prior to the start of the academic program. Admission into OHSU academic programs are considered conditional until proof of full vaccination is provided or a medical or religious exception is approved by OHSU. If students have not met the COVID-19 policy requirements by the first day of their academic program, their conditional offer of admission to OHSU will be withdrawn and they will be unable to take courses or start their programs of study or other academic activities.

Students admitted into non-clinical programs who have received exceptions will be required to complete COVID-19 testing as specified by OHSU and will receive additional direction related to required safety standards and practices. OHSU does not allow unvaccinated students to participate in in-person direct patient contact or in simulation activities involving in-person direct contact with standardized patients, and as such, entry into clinical programs for unvaccinated students will be prohibited.

PSU Campus COVID Policy

Portland State University’s COVID-19 Vaccine Policy requires all students who learn, work, and engage at PSU locations to submit either (1) an attestation confirming the student has been vaccinated against COVID-19; (2) an attestation confirming they will not be taking in person classes, living in on-campus housing and not be using in person services; or (3) submit an applicable exemption. See COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for more details.