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Certificate in Biostatistics

Equipping you with the statistical knowledge and skills for biomedical research and public health

The OHSU-PSU School of Public Health’s graduate programs in Biostatistics provide statistical training using real-world data from health-related fields. They prepare you for a career in biomedical and public health research, industry, or doctoral programs, with skills directly applicable to practice.

Collaborative Research

With a unique structure that combines the resources of two pioneering research universities, the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health (SPH) has helped Oregon gain national recognition for creative public health solutions. We are deeply engaged in collaborative research and have a strong commitment to interdisciplinary partnerships. You will enjoy rich opportunities to collaborate with clinical researchers, scientific investigators, educators, and public health professionals.

Faculty Expertise

Our biostatistics faculty have a wide range of expertise and research interests such as Bayesian statistics, big and high dimensional data, electronic health records data, machine learning, statistical computing, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, observational studies, clinical trials, and community intervention trials, with extensive applications to biomedical and public health research.

Certificate Applications

The OHSU-PSU School of Public Health’s Biostatistics Graduate Certificate prepares you with the basic and intermediate graduate level biostatistics skills needed to perform data analysis and interpretation for various research projects.

Educational Goals

Our Biostatistics Certificate program suits researchers, students in other academic programs, and working professionals who seek to acquire additional skills in applied biostatistics methods to complement their primary field of expertise. Working professionals can complete the Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics part-time while maintaining a full-time work schedule. The program also prepares you for additional biostatistics training in the MS or MPH in Biostatistics programs.

Choose one of our Biostatistics graduate programs if you seek:

  • Broad application of Biostatistics to biomedical research, public health, bioinformatics, pharmaceuticals, and related subjects.
  • Renowned faculty with diverse expertise, research interests, and collaborative experience.
  • Personal attention from faculty and professional collaborators.
  • Didactic sessions and hands-on experience focusing on both statistical methods and the interpretation and communication of results.
  • Internship opportunities from two Biostatistics shared resources: the Biostatistics & Design Program, one of the OHSU shared resource cores, and Knight Cancer Institute Biostatistics Shared Resources.
  • Exceptional rates of job placement and graduate-school admissions.
  • Opportunities to make an impact at the societal level.

Program Requirements & Guide

Please refer to the Program Guide for an overview of program requirements and a current program of study. To see all of the graduate certificate guides for an overview of degree requirements and current programs of study, visit the Graduate Certificate Requirements page.

Certificate Program Guide

Overview of program requirements and a current program of study.


Recruitment & Admissions

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Core Competencies & Contact Information

Certificate in Biostatistics - Core Competencies

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Students graduating from this program will be able to:

  • Perform a broad range of basic and intermediate level applied statistical procedures that are required in basic, clinical, population and translational sciences.
  • Interpret and summarize analysis results in research reports and papers and communicate them to individuals with varying degrees of statistical knowledge.
  • Conduct analyses for one’s own research projects or provide support to collaborative research teams.

Contact our Recruitment & Admissions Manager or Program Director with your questions about our certificate program.

Recruitment & Admissions Manager – Josh Hodsden, MBA, CPH
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Program Director – Rochelle Fu, PhD


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The OHSU-PSU School of Public Health is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

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